Dr. Alattar - DDS

Dr. Alattar

Dr. Alattar is well experienced dentist in Canada. He was born in Syria and then he moved to Canada with his family.

Dr. Alattar received his first dental degree in 2004 from M.U.S.T University Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine. He was then appointed to the Department of Orthodontics-Cairo University where he completed a 4-year specialty training in Orthodontics and Awarded a Specialization Degree. In 2011, he received the Diploma of M-Orthodontics from The Royal College of Surgeons Of Edinburgh -UK. He worked as an Orthodontist In Gulf area for several years before moving to Canada and passing the NDEB exams and getting his General Dental practitioner license in Ontario. Dr.Alattar works hard to keep his skills current through continuing education programs and self-directed study.
Personal Life
Outside of the office, Dr. Alattar enjoys spending time with his family and friends.