Dental Cleanings and Checkups Near You

A crucial component of maintaining good oral hygiene for a long time is attending dental cleanings and checkups with a local dentist near you. These biannual appointments are recommended to every patient, no matter their age, as it allows both their dental team and the patient themselves to stay on top of things. Issues like cavities and infections can also be identified before they get too serious.

At our community dental office, we offer dental hygiene appointments. If you’re interested in setting up your next visit, or you’d like to see us for the first time, please call our dentist to get started!

Dental Cleanings and Checkups in Burlington

Why is Dental Hygiene Important?

Keeping your mouth healthy has positive effects on your smile and the rest of your body. Bacteria can spread to your other organs and systems via the blood and tissues and spread, eventually leading to more severe conditions. On a smaller scale, routine dental cleanings and checkups in Burlington also freshen up your breath and removes discoloration. Coming in for these sessions periodically will leave you feeling happy and empowered about your smile, giving you the confidence you deserve.

What the Treatment Includes

When you meet with a local dentist near you for a hygiene appointment, you’ll undergo two distinct, though complementary, treatments: a checkup and a cleaning.

During the checkup, you’ll be asked about your current oral health and hygiene regime at home. Your mouth will be physically examined with a small mirror, and then x-rays are taken, allowing your dentist to build a clear picture of your situation.

Once this portion is finished, you’ll move on to the cleaning. A dental hygienist will remove the bacteria and plaque from the surface of and between your teeth and along the gum line with a scaler. Next, they will brush them with a gritty-feeling toothpaste – this also removes discoloration. Lastly, fluoride, whether in liquid or foam form, is applied to your smile for 1 minute. Fluoride is a natural mineral that’s very good at preventing cavities. You’ll be able to spit and rinse before you go.

And that’s all there is to it! Should you have questions or need clarification about dental cleanings and checkups in Burlington, be sure to let your dentist or hygienist know.

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